We all love any occasion to bring out the long table, deliberate over the plating arrangement and which amazing friends to bring. Being Christmas the table will no doubt be filled with red green and tinsel and you will all be wearing some sort of ugly sweater right? I just got given an awesome food related sweater from my family at food.com that I will be rocking… yes images to come 😉

Now that the outfit is settled… (still questioning a seasonal apron), lets talk the feast. One thing I here a lot from friends is the costly nature of bringing those close to you together. So lets eliminate that thought shall we. The recipes below come to $20 total…. If you need bigger portions i couldn’t see them extending past an extra $10. That works out to be a max $3 per

person and ever since being introduced to Venmo that is a simple situation to overcome 😀

3 Dips for under 4 dollars


To start with we have 3 Dips that I love at any event… These were famous at the super bowl party I had earlier in the year. Your not required to do more than just add to a bowl and stir, which means its an easy delegated task and takes no time at all. They cover all areas of dip related cravings… creamy, savory and hearty. Click Here for Recipe

Cauliflower Rice


This colorful number was one I posted last week on the blog and you all loved it… considering it is nutritious, colorful but most importantly wins at any feast I couldn’t not shy away from having it served at Christmas. Click Here for Recipe

Brussel Sprout Plate


If there was to be a plate that defined Nourishment, its options like this one that involves ancient grains and vibrancy that will tick all the boxes. The only thing your really cooking is the barley/freekeh (which you can substitute for Quinoa to keep it gluten free) from there your mixing it with a variety of textures and then serve. Not only is it helpful on the wallet but it is super easy to bring together. Click Here for Recipe

Vegan Sweet Potato Jacket


Ok wow… I am not even Vegan and these have changed my life. If your after something hearty your about to experience the tastes of a warming tomato sauce, combined with the steamy sweet nature of the sweet potato and then topped with a soothing yoghurt option. It has so much nutritional density but more importantly it tastes phenomenal… I have a feeling these will become a part of your regular weekly meal planner. Click Here for Recipe

Coconut Nice Cream


With every special holiday day must come a sweet option to finish and this very popular ice cream has no complexity to it whatsoever. Which means its a friendly dessert to have at Christmas. There is nothing worse than having to bake or create a complicated dessert when you are making 5 other dishes to impress your family & friends with. The best thing is all you have to do is put it all in a Vitamix or blender and it is game on. You can serve it in bowls or straight to the cone or if your feeling very organized you do it the day before and serve.

Talk about thinking ahead of time… Click Here for Recipe


SO not only are all these cost effective, they are all very simply. I have designed them so that you are not slaving away in the kitchen as your guest enjoy everything festive. As it is these days that you are meant be with the people you love after all you don’t invite them over to be working the stove the whole time… you might as well be working in a restaurant 😉

Take a look at the dishes they don’t take long to create, let me know any questions (@dan_churchill)… as my friends I’m always here for you in these tasty times

Have a Merry Christmas and may you enjoy the times you spend with the people who matter most to you

xo DC

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