Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie friends and to all my friends who aren’t you are family so Happy Australia Day to you too!!

This is definitely one of the best days of the year in my opinion. It brings back so many memories, of the Australian Open, Beach cricket, my dad making my brothers and I wrap rice paper rolls for the entire street… (shout out to dad today, who is actually doing this right now)… and of course the family and friends get togethers.


Before I left for NYC my mates and I would cook up a wicked feast at our home, before heading down to the Newport Arms (now known as The Newport… thanks for coming Hemmes 😉 ). Today even in NYC there are plenty of celebratory options.


Why do I love this day?? Well everyone is just so happy, summer days, the day off and good eats. Such a win. Well you know me I like to celebrate wherever I am around the world. So I have put together 3 breakfast options that are inspired by an iconic Australian snack… The ANZAC biscuit… As you dive in below you will find that I have adjusted the recipes to be less refined sugar involved, but still acquiring that amazing taste that had my brothers and I enjoying every afternoon or 3.


So pick your favourite, jump right in and notice that there is little to no prep involved (your welcome my friends). Let me know how you get on and have an amazing day with your family wherever you are!

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!

xo DC


ANZAC Biscuit Bircher/Overnight Oats

ANZAC Biscuit Granola

Australia Day Parfait

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