You can’t fake it.. its cold… cosy, your in your PJs and all you want to do is scoop up something creamy, unforgiving and down right comforting without moving (except between spoon reps…)

Between spilling tasty colourful blotches on that hoodie, and constant cooling with your breath, comes that unforgettable smooth texture… ahhh the relief, the experience is more than just the flavour, the notion of going nowhere as you sit your with girl/boy/boo family/friends watching the latest chick flick in absolute satisfaction… but then something happens to kind of curb the happiness… the guilt… knowing that although it may be winter and these actions are definitely allowed, you cant help but think of the extra-ness you are adding to your body and how you will respond in the upcoming months… Now I am not saying this is something to be concerned about.. I think even the great Channing Tatum once said “I am Fappy”… for those playing at home he is referring to being big and happy 🙂 Such a legend

We all know I am a massive advocate for everything in moderation and that this life has so much to be experienced and enjoyed 🙂 Soup can sometimes be quite heavy and full of tasty creaminess that can have a bit of a lag affect on us… SO I have created 3 Soups for you to enjoy that are all dairy free, but still have that bad ass, put down the phone, jump the neighbours fence awesomeness. They are full of colour with pigmentations galore and there is a theory found that those truly colourful ingredients are much more nutritionally dense… and if you take a look at our three options you know you are getting goodness… so choose your option, get into your PJs turn the TV on and #tag #DansCreamlessSoups As tonights episode is going to be #NextLevel

xo DC

Beetroot Sexy Soup

Roasted Garlic, Cauliflower & Leek Soup

Chicken “Can’t believe its not noodle” Noodle Soup

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