Ever wonder why after a massive meal you you are already to go for round 2 after an hour? The answers may be below…

White Pasta

Pasta is an amazing comfort food, however it can cause serious confusion to your stomach…firstly, as seen in white bread, the bran the outer shell of the flour is removed and this is the fibrous component of our italian staple. Although the deliciousness is going into your stomach it is not recognised as nutritionally dense, meaning your body continues to believe there is not a lot being consumed, hence allowing you to eat more. Furthermore the bran aids in counteracting the insulin spike which depletes energy more rapidly, triggering the hormone response to crave more food.


There is definitely a lot of benefits the vegetables and fruit. They contain plenty of vital nutrients that aid in the optimal function of looking after our bodies. However the popularity of juicing has led to surprising health concern. Juicing concentrates a lot of the natural sugars from our favourite fruits and vegetables and removes the fibrous pulp that aids in digestion, sustainable energy and preventing blood sugar level elevation. Not only does the body perceive this as a lot of food, as it is concentrated short energy chains, but it triggers future problems in preventing the secretion of appetite controlling hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. These hormone are key in allowing your body to comprehend it is full, without their onset, your perception is delayed causing you to continue consuming food with it already filling up.

Salty Foods

Believe it or not we have a couple of stomach. Salty and a sweet, when you eat foods that contain a high salt content, whether it be a packet of chips or a meal concentrated with MSG and sodium then you only feel up on the salty stomach and not the rest. Salty foods also cause the onset of dehydration, which involves similar symptoms of hunger, thus salty foods cause us to eat more…

So just remember next time you are looking at sustainable, nourishing goodness, remember to balance it out with the options that best suit you. I still love my pasta so I am not saying to never have it, as always just learn to have it in moderation or come up with epic alternatives… for example my “Pollo Cremoso Paleo Pasta!” This my legends, combines the goodness of a kale pesto (fibrous… you know it) with the outrageousness of sweet potato pasta, coconut milk (quality fats) and our good friend chicken. I made this when craving that favourite creamy chicken pesto penne… and as I love my pasta this one I am definitely allowed to have more often 🙂


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