Living here now for 7 months I am here to fulfill your regular questions and concerns when you get to this city for a holiday 🙂 Here goes the first of many!!!!


My personal favorite is get a bike (I now own one) or simply use Citbike, you dock them every 30 minutes but you never really ride for more than that amount of time. You can also download the app which tells you where all the bike stations are. If you move here you can purchase a year pass or if you like me just get your own. I cant tell you how much getting a bike has opened up my eyes to the city 🙂


-Citibike/day; $12

-Citibike/3 day; $24

-Citibike/ month (annual membership); $14.95


I think the subway system is seriously phenomenal, yes at times it can be delayed but i use this with my bike and skate board to get around. If you don’t have those resources and you are here on holiday i recommend the week unlimited pass. It gets you everywhere you need to go combined with walking


-Per ride: $2.95

-Unlimited: $31 for a week


One of the greatest things about this city is the ability to get anywhere… Manhattan actually isn’t that big and i can complete 6 meetings in a day which can be more challenging in somewhere like LA…. Obviously I love the exercise but it also lets you see the real parts of the city that are NY… combine it with the subway and it is a serious win

Cost= Free


At night time or if you are running late there are inundated amounts of cabs/ubers available literally at your door step or stoop, depending on where you are staying… Compared to other cities like Sydney where I am from Cabs/Ubers here are much cheaper… Admittedly i rarely get a cab as I like biking or using the subway system

Cost= dependent on journey but much cheaper as a fare compared to other cabs

Looking forward to seeing you here my legends!!! xo DC

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