No matter where you are in the world… there is always a reason to cook the honesty steak…My old man used to always say a good steak only needs salt and pepper… It is very rare for me to agree with padre but I would have to agree with him on this… In saying that I have plenty of next level tips on how to provide an epic depth of flavour on your beautiful steak… for now lets get down to basics… here are my 5 top tips on how to cook the perfect steak


  • 250g Your favourite cut of Steak, i used Eye fillet today
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 2 Tbsp Olive/Macadamia Oil


1.    Bring steak to room temperature to allow even cooking throughout

2.    Sprinkle salt on both sides of the steak and allow it to sit for 15- 20 minutes, this is great for getting a crust as it rids the surface of excess moisture.

3.    Turn your grill to Channing Tatum hot… it has to be really high!!! and drizzle the steak with half the oil

4.    Place the steak on the grill, oil side down, you should hear an epic sizzle. Turn every 15 seconds (this allows the outside to get a smokey crust and the centre to stay nice and tender using residual heat to cook it though) for 3-5 minutes and continually brush with the oil. Cooking time will vary in accordance with the steaks size and fat content. The larger steaks may need to go in the oven. Take off the heat and cover in foil to rest for 5 minutes, this will keep all the juices and thus the flavour in

5.    Slice to your desired thickness and enjoy with your favourite sides. I always love an epic salsa verde, or bad ass grass fed flavoured (compound) butter

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