With our 2017 health kicks well under way my friends, I wanted to give you a little extra assistance in keeping the lifestyle on track. After the amazing responses you gave from the first exercise regime of the year I felt inspired to show you a little workout that only takes 6 minutes in the morning. What it does is activates your body and all its systems for the working day ahead.

Did he just say 6 minutes?! I sure did!!! That means you can get up just that little over 5 minutes earlier to put your body through its healthy paces. As I focused on in 3 Exercises is all you need all it takes is using your major muscles to get the benefits you are after… and lets be real if we can do this in the time it takes to make a soft boiled egg, you can tick two boxes… actually isn’t that a great idea? Start to boil an egg and complete the workout…then have your breakfast already prepared

The reasoning behind the benefits is simple when you work the exercises below in short time, with minimal rest and under repeated measure your body’s systems included your heart remain elevated. The frequent rests allow your muscles to recover, meaning they have the ability to perform at greater intensity over shorter intervals… and remember using big muscle groups or doing multi-muscular involved exercises requires your body to take on more oxygen to recover (hence why you puff during a burpie) which requires a lot of energy from your body to sustain.

You see when you do these exercises its not during the workout that you get the most benefit or burn the most energy, it is the minutes after when your body is trying to get back to its stable environment (homeostatic environment) that create the most expenditure. This is why you keep puffing or sweating for a significant time after a very intense workout. Without more explanation of the reasons… lets get involved with some sweating!!

This circuit is really simple to remember, its simply 20 seconds on (completing as many reps of that exercises as you can) 10 seconds rest, with three sets. Once you complete the three sets move onto the next exercise. Thats it!!!!


Jump Squats

Squat down with feet slightly more than shoulder width apart, jump and repeat

Scissor Lunges

In a lunge position, jump and swap your feet around and land with the opposite foot in its lunge position, repeat

Plank to push up

Starting in the plank position, without rotating your hips take one arm up and plant the palm on the ground, bring the other hand up, complete a push up and go back down to repeat

Tricep Dips

Starting with your hands on a bench/chair behind you extend your feet out and drop your arms down so that your elbows are at 90 degrees. The further your body is from the bench the harder it becomes. You can also perform on parallel bars as I am hanging out doing in the pictures above


Now its time to enjoy your boiled egg 😉 Keep me updated with your healthy ways my friends!!

Much Love xo



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