Because $$$ is just a number in the bank

Plenty of legendary responses after last weeks #MondayMotivation “To be Happy is a Choice we Make…” on kicking off the year with serious happiness!! (Click here to read last weeks post) Its great to see so many people actually question what it is they do and for what reason… Or at least trying to find a moment that makes them truly happy 🙂

As always each weekly post is influenced by a conversation, article, situation or something i have come across in that 7 days that i think we can learn from… This week it is all about the commodity called money…Let me start by saying yes we have to be responsible and yes it is important to earn a living to survive and provide for those close to us…

But at what point do we sacrifice our time and opportunity for experience for security. Do we work our butts off for 15 years in a high paying job to go in at 6am and come out at 11pm, 6 days a week for us to have a number in the bank? Sure we feel safe… but as we work towards that moment, what happens when we get there… you have missed out on 15 years of life… all you did was work and even though you disliked the job the numbers in the bank were what was motivating you to continue…


.. let me continue by saying this is perfect for some people, and if this is what makes you happy then I am super stoked for you!!! :)))) You may also love the industry you work in or know that it takes that long to get the position that you have been striving forward for so long. I am also not a doctor, I just write and cook so take this perspective whichever way you will my legends 😉

I just want to create a realisation for those who are yet to question it… that once we get that security are you satisfied? Would it be everything you want? Because if you missed out on some of the most energetic years of your life, with phenomenal (always tasty) experiences, to do this then it can be quite daunting and you never get those years back…

It comes back to what I said last week… If you pick what do post high school to make money as that is what you think makes you happy then just make sure that is absolutely truthful… as if it were me i wouldn’t want to be working 17 hour days 5-6 days a week for 15 years in something i didn’t enjoy… it would make me miserable, thank god i found food hahahah

Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life and you will succeed as you will want to do it and people fall in love with the passion… 😉

Have a happy week legends!!!

xo DC

P.S. I have some crazy, delicious news to be announced super soon… can’t wait!!! Yewwww!!!

Click Here for Last weeks #MondayMotivation post “To be Happy is a choice we make…” 🙂

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