What a week of awesomeness! I am now reverting back to a written ledger… kicking it old school, i find it easier to record my daily antics and tasty thoughts and ideas. Plus there is something about writing in a diary i feel so much more satisfying and creative. I am sure plenty of you love using your computer to enter in your daily thoughts, I have been doing this for some time. I find though by writing you get, without going into a spiritual character, your true personality and thoughts portrayed on the page.

Its as if what your brain is spinning is connected to the hand, ink and then the paper… i guess it helps that you have your own unique hand writing. Bet your little voice is secretly creative and potentially a little bad ass 😉 Do you not agree though that if you were to go back and read something from last month on paper vs screen text you are more likely to be put back in the moment of when you were writing it? You remember the cafe you were at, the mood you were in and perhaps the weather…


I guess the leads me to this thought to ponder… how many of us actually take into account the actions, thoughts and achievements in a single day let alone a year? Do you ever just stop and take a breath to realise the epicness you took part in or experienced? I am a big believer in being grateful for the little things in life… and i know many of you are too! Don’t get me wrong I believe we have our own magnitudes of determination to achieve exposure to our amazing messages, aiming high is a big one of mine, but at the same time we cant lose sight of what we are doing along the way to achieving those long term goals.

For one, if you enjoy the little things, the bigger things become even more awesome! Secondly if you go through years of striving towards a goal, persevering, sacrificing without any form of enjoyment, you may feel that once you achieve it the years it took will feel like a blur, as if you waisted what i like to call “Time of Enjoyment”

“Time of Enjoyment” (definitely going to patent that theory 🙂 ) is super important as too often a chat to people who forget to enjoy what it is they are doing in the time of doing it. Instead they fixed on the potential outcome. If you can be grateful for the little things, not only will you enjoy the present and that diary of yours will have some serious personality… but the end goal will be even more magnified and include memories of serious tasty wicked proportions…


To my legends i send you some serious grateful love… and cant wait to tell you the big news on the horizon… the first is on the 16th of March!!!!

xo DC

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