Big nights are here to stay. They are wicked fun and create so many positive experiences in your life. It’s all about the balance and I have always been a big advocate of this. So when it comes to a night where you are going to eat pizza or ice cream (or both) with your friends, I want you to feel as if you can enjoy it to the fullest!

It’s important to go into these nights with the knowledge that you will make time for exercise the following morning. This preparation means you are mentally set for the wake up and action. It also ensures that in terms of your day, the morning has been set aside and this can’t change.


In order to burn off last night’s amazing meal, it’s important to generate a lot of internal energy expenditure. Essentially you want to activate as many muscles, organs and therefore cells as possible, as it will require you to utilize more energy to function.

Today we are focusing on the exercise component. It’s worth noting you generate energy not just when you’re exercising, but also when you’re recovering from a workout.


For today’s exercise, we are working specifically on the legs as they are the biggest muscles in the body. By focusing on your legs, you will get the most use of your metabolism in a short space of time as they require the most amount of energy.

In terms of food before exercise, this can be left entirely up to you. If I’ve had a big meal the night before, I won’t eat before my workout the following morning. If you feel low on energy, you can have some low sugar foods such as berries or whole seeded fruits. I believe the best thing is a shot of coffee (espresso) as caffeine promotes fat oxidization.


So go grab a coffee and keep the following exercises in your back pocket. As always, reach out to me if you need some help or if just want to give me hell for this workout!

Much love,



3 rounds, with a 2-minute break 2-3 times through.

Squat Holds—30 seconds.

Sit in a squat position with your butt just below your knees, your feet an inch wider than shoulder-width apart, and hold.

Walking lunge—24 reps

Perform a lunge by stepping one foot forward and dropping the other knee down the ground. Your front knee should get to 90 degrees without it going past the ankle alignment. Make sure your back knee does not touch the ground. Push off and step forward with the other knee before repeating.

Bulgarian Split Lunge—10-15 each leg

Put one foot up on a bench, table or chair behind you. Keep your front leg in the lunge position (see above) from the back knee so it gets to an inch off the ground. Push off the front glute (make sure you are squeezing them) and rise back up to starting position.

Frog Squats—20-30 reps

Sink into your squat position where your butt is just below your knees, and your feet an inch wider than shoulder-width apart. Extend through your knees but keep your chest forward and on your thighs. After you get to your end range of motion, return back to the starting squat position and repeat.

Duck Walks—20-24 reps

Sit into a squat position where your butt is just below your knees and hold, with your feet an inch wider than shoulder-width apart. From that position, take one foot forward then the other. It may feel weird at first but this is doing some serious benefit.

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