Dan Churchill's

From small beginnings writing recipes on his bedroom floor, Chef and Author Dan Churchill has built a global following.

With three bestsellers under his belt, this talented young Aussie is fast becoming a household name. Followed by a global audience of hundreds of thousands, Dan appears regularly on Good Morning America and The Food Network. Comfortable in front of and behind the camera, he has hosted docu-series Surfing the Menu and produced his own show, Feast With Friends.

As well as heading up his own video production company and acting as ambassador for several global brands, Dan is set to open his first restaurant. Charley St will start serving customers in NYC’s NoLIta district in 2018.

Dan’s goal is to promote good eating as the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. A confident self-starter, he has committed himself to retaining creative control while writing each of his best-selling books.


What leads a personal trainer to become a best selling author?

Even as a teenager, Dan Churchill got a kick out of creating healthy meals and recipes. The initial pages of his first book DudeFood were planned out on his bedroom floor.

When putting his qualifications in Nutrition and Exercise Science into practice, Dan noticed how a lack of dietary knowledge was the missing link to complete health. At the same time, he was becoming popular amongst his friends’ partners, who regularly quizzed him about cooking and food.

To improve his clients’ results and earn his friends a few brownie points in the kitchen, Dan began creating weekly meal plans. After devising more than forty delicious and healthy recipes, he realised he had more than enough to complete a cookbook aimed at male millennials.

Never one to wait for opportunity to come knocking, Dan took the initiative to self-publish his collection, calling it DudeFood, A Guy’s Guide to Kick Arse Food.

With cheeky chapters such as ‘How to Impress a Girl’ and ‘Sandwiching in the Gym’, the book quickly became a hit in Dan’s home turf of Sydney’s Northern Beaches before being picked up by a local distributor.

From there, opportunity really did come knocking, with major publisher Simon & Schuster releasing DudeFood in NYC. Dan travelled to the Big Apple to for the launch, making his first appearance on Good Morning America in Times Square.

Not bad for a teenager who began scribbling out recipes on his bedroom floor!

The Healthy Cook

Dan’s second recipe book The Healthy Cook also began as a self-published collection.

The inspiration for this bestseller came from Dan’s work as a Health Coach for professional athletes. Noticing he was being repeatedly asked the same questions, he had the idea to create simple recipes that remove some of the common barriers to wellness.

The Healthy Cook: Essential Great Tasting Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle combines Dan’s knowledge of nutrition, anatomy and fitness with his knack for compiling delicious, easy recipes. In this book, Dan simplifies the cooking process, resulting in a collection that inspires people of all ages to spend more time in the kitchen. Each recipe is made from fresh whole foods and is free from refined sugar.

The Healthy Cook reached the bestseller list quickly, inspiring tens of thousands to make positive changes to their health and their eating habits. This successful book has been instrumental in establishing Dan as a thought leader in the Health & Wellness space and has led to him being named as the official Chef of clothing brand Under Armour.

Surfing the Menu, Next Generation

Dan has many TV credits to his name, perhaps most notably as host of docu-series Surfing the Menu (Discovery Channel). During this series, he travelled Australia alongside Chef Hayden Quinn, discovering the landscape and the cuisine of the country’s coastal regions.

The book Surfing the Menu documents Dan and Hayden’s journey as they cooked their way around the country. It is packed with stunning photos, colourful characters and over 80 of the mouthwatering recipes they uncovered during their travels.

For Dan, Surfing the Menu encapsulates a truly memorable adventure and shares countless stories that would otherwise go unheard.