My first 4th of July and of course i have to include plenty of Americana themes of tastiness… well i don’t have to but i am definitely going to keep it inspired of course. These weapons (my new family) know how to throw a party and put on a wicked celebration ;)… naturally burgers are one of the most iconic things to come to my winning flavor receptors, but i am sooo in love with my big board feasts at the moment…


You can tell a lot about a person by the way that someone builds their burger.. personality can really shine 🙂 So rather that designate a specific burger… i created a number of different toppings and salad mixes so that no burger was the same… or at least i thought this was going to be the way… my friends were a little nervous about the whole situation as to which way to take their deliciousness and had to wait for me to decide on their burger babing option…

Since living in NYC i have learned a lot of the different ways not only Australians but the rest of the worlds burgers are different to the US of A… simply put salt and pepper is all you need to quality ground meat… i provided two different meat options (love a good choice…) we had Turkey and Beef, the former definitely a healthier option but one not uncommon in these parts


So in celebration of this day… I am providing you legends with the 4th of July toppings that i know you would love… not only this but you can use these recipes for other deliciousness too…(you may see them pop up in other special days as well 😉

Here are my Best Burger Toppings for 4th of July… so get your friends together and have a feast… its super affordable and you get that many smiles out of it as well 😉

Tag me in all your yummy glory!!!

xo DC

Onion Jam

Tomato Chutney

Homemade Mayonaise

What i also had…

Two burger bun varieties… whole wheat and ciabatta

Cucumber, onion, avocado, rocket (arugula), romain lettuce, pesto

Three Cheese options… Swiss, Pepperjack and Goats Cheese


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