What is Charley St?

Officially open in July 2018 in NYC’s Nolita district, Charley St is a spread bar, delivering colourful bowls and tasty toast options, focusing on health and providing a third wave coffee program. Inspired by the vibrant creations of Australia, delivered to the people of the world in a vibing atmosphere that will draw the attention of millennials, their social media applications and busy office workers. You can build your own or choose from the signature spreads.

The Story

Charley St was created by founder and Australian Chef Dan Churchill who has been living in
NYC on the back of his media career. In his time there he has noted the popularity of simple
menu items, including avocado toast and healthy grain bowls. This is well-supported by their trending nature across all forms of social media.


Dan wanted people to enjoy simple, tasty, healthy and colorful food while incorporating the ability to share. Although Charley St’s tasty offerings and coffee program are a major draw for consumers, working with and supporting the community is essential for the team’s long term vision. From the farmers of the produce to the local artists and suppliers of reclaimed raw materials, the sustainability message is essential to Charley St’s story. Inside the store consumers will be able to see the list of partners the team is working with. Using his production team, Dan will capture the personal story of the respective producers.

Something Different

Charley St will also be home to Dan’s Studio Kitchen, where he will film regular recipe segments, record podcasts, collaborate with thought leaders and integrate with the restaurant itself. This gives Charley St a huge leg up in the industry as it looks to provide streamlined content and distribution. The studio kitchen plays an integral role to Charley St as it also provides a platform to work with strategic partners.