My friends I love the amount of interest there is for wellness, health and happiness from you… it’s evident in the way you want to know what the ideal foods to eat would be not only in your generic day, but what to have around particular times of your daily activity…

It’s a common question… “Dan what is the best pre-workout before I go to the gym or do some exercise?” Let me firstly say that your food selection, particularly around your increased activity periods of your day, is very subjective. Some people like to workout out with something in their stomach, others do not. You may wish to have a liquid, others may require something more solid… This is something that you have to define yourself…

Of course I do have my personal preferences and and will say that I think we get the most out of our performance with the right energy available within our system. That being said one of the most easily digestible and versatile forms of quick tasty energy is closer than you think. You don’t need to go to a supplement store, you can actually get it from your local market… I am talking about the almighty banana…

What’s great is that although it is a solid it is broken down super easily and its nutrients are transported to the necessary sources much more efficiently. On top of this it can be created into a meal with little effort… but the biggest win is the taste!

My serving suggestions would be half a banana before you train.. and the other half post work out in a shake… the initial half will provide the boost you naturally need to perform your movements, whilst the post will combat with the protein in your shake for muscle repair, recovery and those benefits we love

For one of my favorite options for a banana around your workouts hit up my Peanut Butter Banana Bowl :)))) That is a combination you can not go wrong with #australianbananas #naturessnack #preworkout #excercise

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