Another weekend of awesomeness.. another rooftop with friends and one big plank of timber to handle some serious color….its much better than watching typical paint dry 😉

These boards are becoming more and more like painting a canvas… and if you see the Snapchat story (@DanChurchillAUS), they are super edible #Winning…check out the story below… you can see the technical prowess of the board being taken to the roof too 😉


Now in terms of the recipes.. i am leaving it up to you legends to decide…. Below are a list of the dishes you see on the spread… Tweet, tag, or comment which one you would like to dish up at home and ill post the most popular one later on in the week on the blog… 😀

So much tasty love my legends!!

xo DC

Sautéed mushrooms with Roast Butter Bean Puree

Turkey Kofta

Grape Tomato Acocado Salad

Quinoa Pilaf

Roast Cauliflower with Roast Garlic Hummus

Super loving Brussel Sprouts

Nutty Sweet Potato Chips

Colors of the Rainbow Board #1 from Daniel Churchill on Vimeo.

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