Why I like it…

After doing a bit of research I have discovered that the Oil is derived from the Cedar nut (Duh!),

which is found in Siberia… thats why it is also called the Siberian Cedar Nut Oil… But what really interested me was the climate in which the seed is grown. The Cedar tree lives in super harsh conditions where it gets ridiculously below zero degrees Celsius, and -60 F. So in order for it to survive it must have some seriously wicked vitamins and minerals.
I find its always a really useful way at looking at the micronutrients of a plant or vegetable… think about the climate in which they have to survive and the ones with the greatest nutrient density generally do. So obviously this oil is inundated with natural goodness;



-cholesterol reducing linoleic acid

-with serious benefits to your skin

I have to be seriously real though and note that it is the nutty flavor that it adds to food that I love the most…

My main uses…

Lets be frank, anything related to food you know where its going to go… I have been using it in stir fry cook ups along with roasts as to add an extra slight little bit of natural nuttiness to the meal.

I have found it has a really high smoking point too, therefore you are less likely to burn your food if the temperature is too high. I also like the way the ingredients become freely moveable about the pan with the oil, Some oils either don’t allow this, or you have to add a hell of a lot to get any separation, you only need a small amount which is  great thing

Most awesome “Aha” moment

I definitely use it for cooking, but I have found it to provide a wicked tummy sensation when I have had a teaspoon on an empty stomach, as if it is cleansing the inner lining of it. I also dab it on my hands once a week and rub up my forearms. As a chef these can treated much like a rollercoaster so the Cedar nut oil does wonders for soothing the skin

Cedar Nut Oil

Next time you stroll through an isle with this bad boy on the shelf definitely ponder your next oil move 🙂

xo DC

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