started in style? Sign up to the gym, start doing two-a-days? Start eating steamed chicken and broccoli truly believing that you can do this for the next 12 weeks? My legends you know the number 1 rule…. It must taste delicious to be Healthy…

Whether your looking to kicking the year off with the sun, beach and summer vibrance or the cosy knitwear comfort love of the loving winter… here are 4 seriously yummy options that will help set the tone for your Healthy 2016… Not only are they rich in fun, flavour and epic yumminess, but they possess the power to promote fat oxidisation (use fat as fuel source), boost your immune system and are full of all the pigmentations oozing with nutrition required for cellular functioning…

Whatever it is you and your stomach are craving you can be sure these are going to look after you and better yet they will look after your body and mind too

Get involved my legends!!

xo DC

Sexy Clean Chicken Noodle Soup

Healthy Daal Bowl

Spiced Carrots with Beetroot Puree

Epic Egg Nog


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