Can you believe 2017 is upon us?! I love how you have all been reaching out for healthy recipes and tips on how to start the year. Keep them coming (@dan_churchill). Breakfast recipes have been one of the most popular asks and understandably as this meal just sets the tone for the day ahead.

What was great is that there was a good mix of savory vs sweet… and because I didn’t want to do one without the other (I want to make everyone happy of course) I have cooked up and created one healthy sweet sensation and a savory win for you to pick and choose from… I mean you could do both, especially if your body has a big day of nutritional requirement coming.


Lets start with the sweet number … using the art of the frozen banana (yes, next to ice blocks, these should always be in your fridge) you blitz all the ingredients in a Vitamix or high power blender to a smooth consistency. You have a natural protein in the powder that muscle repair and builds that lean body mass. The banana provides the short energy burst getting you prepared to maximize your workouts. Then you top it off with a Tahini spiced Quinoa granola, which in itself is full of protein that you sprinkle on top to break up that smoothness with the amazing crunch… In my opinion this is perfect about 45-60 minutes before the gym. (click link at the bottom of the page for recipe)

I like to think of it is a healthy soft serve in a bowl… yes I went there haha, try it out for yourself and you will see what I mean 🙂


The savory note is one of the easiest gourmet breakfast we can all accomplish. Black beans do not get the protein credit they deserve… and by just putting them in a pot with some spices it is one of those no nonsense creations. I have recently been doing my scrambled eggs a little differently, medium heat, continuous whisk and then finishing with that cottage cheese for that creaminess. Cottage cheese is also a higher form of protein of our diary friends. It also avoids the fats that we don’t want in our bodies. Naturally it is optional for those who are lactose-intolerant.

So topping the creamy eggs on the beans is not only hearty, but very healthy. This one I would have after a big resistance session or run. (click link at bottom of the page for recipe)

Remembering that we need a good amount of protein for our bodies to repair and develop a metabolism that loses the fat we don’t want, these two breakfast options are perfect in their own right. As always pick your favorite, mine changes day to day and depending on what my morning session is. Always reach out if you have questions or queries


Lots of love for the start of 2017 and as always more tasty healthiness to come 😀

xo DC

Banana Coconut Smoothie Bowl with Spice Granola

Mexican Scrambled Eggs

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