My friends! Don’t you just want to know how to cook the juiciest chicken breast ever? We have all had that experience of rubber chicken. After getting super excited for your meal, you have overcooked the protein so that your jaws get a serious workout as they chew and break it down. How often do we stop at the poultry isle trying to decide between thigh or breast meat, weighing up the benefit of that juiciness of the thigh that is so hard to dry out even though it contains less protein.

Chicken breast is no doubt a much leaner all around protein, but we also have to satisfy our taste buds. Well my friends I am here to show you how simple it is to get that same juiciness, yes that same juiciness from thigh meat, into your breast meat and it only takes three simple steps.

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If you followed my ‘How to Prep in 5 Minutes” guide you can definitely add this chicken tip to your arsenal, meaning wont only will you have your meal prep sorted for the week, but each meal will contain that super juicy chicken breast.

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Things to Know before we start

Free range chicken vs battery chicken; Just as it has a much better all around nutritional advantage free range chicken also wins in the juiciness department. Reason being is there is a much greater mass un-natural protein to keep juicy. If grown naturally, the size and number of the protein fiber develop in time with the genuine fluid for growth. Ie. as one increases so does the other at the same rate. With hormone induced chickens, the protein grows but the level of fluid production stays the same, leading to a greater likely hood of rubber chicken breast

Having a quality Olive oil is a major help; those olive oils with more antioxidants, resistant to oxidization and have a higher smoking point (can cook at higher temperatures before smoking and burning your food) assist in maintaining that juicy nature of your chicken. Reason being is as an olive oil begins to burn its liquid content also reduces exponentially. When this happens the heat from the pan drains all forms of other moisture to come forward. This means your chicken’s existing moisture gets drained as your olive oil reaches its smoking point. So by having an olive oil with a high smoking point, you avoid this initial problem. The one scientifically studied Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the highest smoking is Cobram Estate, so if you wanted to know my preference that is what I would recommend.


How to cook the juiciest Chicken Breast ever!

Alright my friends the moment you have been waiting for! I have been doing the following method for years and use it for events, launches and of course even to impress the lovely mum.
I recommend testing it on someone who does not believe that breast can stay juicy and flavorsome. It will make them think twice straight away.

1. Pat your chicken skin dry and salt it; This assists in getting that crispy skin and enhancing the natural flavor of the tasty chicken
2. Use a quality Olive oil; as seen above this is a game changer. If you can work with an olive oil that has a high smoking point and plenty of antioxidants, not only are you going to win with added flavor, but your chicken will not dry out either. It will maintain the moisture levels. If you were asking me I always recommend the healthiest olive oil in the world Cobram Estate.
3. Put it in a moderate oven after searing on one side; by searing one side you are looking to create that golden brown nature. That is the effect of what is called the maiiard reaction. Think of this as creating next level flavor, not only is it creating a depth of tastiness like no other but it also transfers the same winning nature to the pan. The cooking method; on a stove top you are cooking with direct heat from the base, therefore nothing but the base of the chicken is being cooked. If you were to flip it over, what was the top, now becomes the base and that gets direct heat. However the middle misses out and by the time you get to cook the inside, by using the stove top flip method, the outside is serious rubber… so cook it on one side (skin side down), turn it over and pop it in the oven. Heat from the oven is dry and comes from all round, not just the bottom. By being dry in the air the protein’s natural reaction is to stay juicy. When the chicken is cooked on the bottom it means the heat has gone all the way through!

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Lots of love my friends

xo DC

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