Ahhh Valentines Day… Do you take your special someone out to dinner? Do you treat them lovingly the same as you would on any other day? Or is this the day you allow the true romantic to come out in you?

Whatever the day or occasion you should always be making your partner feel super special, a good hug will only get you so far 😉 One of the biggest questions i get asked is “Dan how do i prepare a meal for my partner but still get to be in their company?” You can read more about my tips for Valentines Day at Simon SAID

Sometimes even the simplest recipes require us to be giving more attention to the stove as opposed to the person you should be really giving the love too… but there are plenty of tricks and pre-planned tastiness to get around this issue…

How to cook for Valentines Day- Youtube tutorial

This week i have created a strategically planned menu that allows the majority of the cooking to be performed by the oven and not your hands… which means they can be used wisely for taking sips of red wine and holding your partners hand #YourWelcome

The menu itself is super tasty, colourful, nourishing and everything awesomeness… with a “Sexy Chicken For 2” on crispy rosemary potatoes to get you going… followed by a “Flourless Mocha Cake” where you can really show off by pouring the theatrical, decadent chocolate sauce at the table… (Does that not shout appealing?)


Begin with cooking the chocolate cake, and then get your chicken skin crisp before finishing both off just as your lovely partner gets home…(See the video on how to here) I was fortunate to hang out with the team from Simon SAID and do a wicked feature on how to be a little more romantic this 14th of February (Click here for the Feature)

Oh and seeing as Sunday is Valentines Day… there isn’t really an excuse hahahah

To all of you celebrating Valentines Day this year i wish you a loving night… for those of you who are not but are looking for an awesome Entree/Main and Dessert recipe i also wish you a loving night 😀

Yours in massive tasty loving hugs



How to cook for Valentines Day- Youtube tutorial

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