The midday rest periods are getting shorter every year, not by the approved time, but how much we often allow for ourselves, but we still want to fit that ‘me’ time, so I am showing you how to exercise on your lunch break. As we get more determined to achieve and strive for success in our given fields we feel anytime away from work can be detrimental to ticking our boxes.

We all know the drill, by the time we actually get to the gym, change and allocate time to change and come back it can often mean only 5 minutes of warm up weights and then you have to return to the office. But what if you could complete a seriously intense session all from your desk, a  free space or even the park downstairs?

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Thats where this weeks workout comes in my friends. I am a big believer in breaks away from ‘work’ to ensure our bodies recover and our mind refreshes with ideas and productivity. So the idea of getting up from your desk alone is a high 5 from me. I want to make it easier for you all to also achieve that ‘happy moment’ the feeling of satisfaction for yourself, after all when you are expressing these forms of positive emotions your work life can also only go one way.

I wont go into the obvious benefits (that are proven) when it comes being healthy at work. I am just going to provide you with the simple means of how you can act on the theory itself. Yes we don’t all have the same work hours or situation. Yes we are all different with our agendas, but YES we all have the right to be happy!!! So here is one of my fun sweat sessions for you to get involved in and cut out that get to-and-from the gym time. I actually tested this workout this morning at 5am before I headed back to NYC, so although it wasn’t lunchtime, It does create some serious puffs, and heavy breathing in a short amount of time

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With any workout it comes down to you applying yourself… so you can make all the notions of why you cant do something, but think about what your really saying. Are you just prioritizing your health and happiness a bit lower down the life-winning chain? I am not saying its unrealistic to miss a session of some sort, but if you have a solid strike rate it definitely shows your attitude 😉

So my friends enjoy the lunchtime break and heavy breathes to go with it, once your finished give yourself the customary self high-five and let me know how you went with the #tag #SweatedWithDan hahahah i think it has a nice notion to it 😉

IMG_1051 IMG_1061

Oh and my favourites are the spider crawls, serious nostalgic fun they are 🙂


Today we are doing a 1:1 work to rest ratio, 30 seconds on 30 seconds rest. There are two exercises at each station. Perform one before resting and moving onto the other. Carry out 4-5 sets at each station… enjoy my friends!

-Jumping Squats into crossover mountain climbers

-Spider Crawls into stationary lunge holds

-Burpie to side leg pike

-Side lunge to bounds

-Downward dog push ups

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