We all love the power of social media and its ability for us to connect with anyone in the world. Have you ever thought about the people you follow compared to the person standing next to you? It defintely would give you a real insite into your values and interest… believe it or not mine is predominanly made up of individuals or brands related with food (shocking I know)… that and a dash of sport, friends and family of course 😉 Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have allowed us to learn, get excited and i am sure a lot of you can relate to this next one… made you really wish you could eat your phone.

Due to this amazing phenominan I have brought about fellow foodies doing their thing around the globe to engage in simple challenges… The first amazing cab off the rank, and yes we are starting the bar very high, is @georgeats (Georgia McDermott) A talented woman who showcases a serious knack for photography and when you pair that with the idea of creating colourful wonders well that is a match made in serious triple layer cake heaven.

Taking one look at @georgeats account this 23 year, gluten free, pescettarian legend #CanTakeAPhoto and does know her way around lighting… She had a crack at my quinoa bowl with Green Soft Boiled Eggs and put her own flavour profile to the wicked mix (big tick in my book) Make sure you check out her endless amazing photos @Georgeats and for recipes her blog www.georgeats.com


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