This week I was pleased to welcome Jac “The Vegetarian Baker” onto the NYC fire escape… Something you have all been bringing up with me is the attractiveness of the Avocado rose on social media… So I decided how simple it is to show you how you can do it yourself! Recipe is under the video. Jac wanted to pair it with this #NextLevel Chili Lime Sauce that is seriously unbelievable. Click here to see it on his channel and & here for the sauce recipe

Watch how to make the Flower Method here>>


1 Avocado

1 piece of Toast

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

Jac’s Chili Agave Lime Sauce


-Chopping Board




  1. Cut down the centre of the avocado right to the seed, then twist the two halves in opposite directions to open it up.
  2. Using the handle end of your knife make a little stab motion to stick it into the seed, slightly twist to remove
  3. Insert your spoon in between the flesh and the skin and work your way around to remove the whole half of the avocado
  4. Place it cut side down on a chopping board. Start slicing your avocado on a slight angle.. its really important to make each cut super thin, it will make folding much easier.
  5. Carefully push the ends of the avocado in opposite directions to form a snake
  6. From there using the tip of your knife and your fingers, rotate the ends around on itself until it reconnects to the centre.

Click here for Jac’s Chili Lime Agave Sauce

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