I can’t believe we are ticking over to August!! This year is going ridiculously quick…Loved all the One Pan Blueberry Crumble posts from last weeks featured recipe…if you missed it click here

Alright my legends its Monday so you know that means we are releasing this week WOW (Workout of the Week!)

3-5 Pull ups (or assisted) x 5
10-20 dips x 5
15 Double leg Bounds x 5
15 second Squat hold x 5
1km run x 2

Loved your thoughts and queries on last weeks blog on Work Life Balance… really interesting to note how some of you come up with ways that purely work for you… This is the most important and you should never forget that

This week I am off to Kansas City for a cook off!! Ill be recording it and will be doing some morning show action… so stay tuned for that excitement…

Im leaving you with this thought… “Don’t tell people you dreams show them…”

Have a winning week legends!!!

xo DC

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