Hey Friends!

I’m so excited to introduce to you today a project that has grown very near to my heart, and something I think will change the way you cook — ensuring you never run out of my favorite ingredient ever again.

You all know that the first thing I reach for when I’m cooking almost anything is a high-quality, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. It’s an ingredient in over 75% of my recipes (including sweet ones like desserts!) and something I reach for daily (at almost every meal). As you may know, when it comes to cooking, flavor always wins in my kitchen, and olive oil is a healthy fat that, when used in your cooking, will ensure epic flavor and a healthy final result compared to other oils!

Before I delve deeper into why olive oil, and what makes this olive oil subscription completely unique, I’ll give you a chance to simply click over to set up your subscription if you’d like! As a thank you, you’ll also get my (normally priced $9) Olive Oil Recipe Ebook completely free, with exclusive never-before-seen recipes, nutritional breakdown, and as always my Color Code, all included.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about why olive oil, and why a subscription, read on…

As you know, a product I use daily, for everything from searing meat, to sautéeing vegetables, to baking cakes and muffins! It’s incredibly versatile, so having a good quality bottle to reach for is an absolute must for me.

Olive oil is also known for its health properties

  • Rich in monounsaturated fats
  • Protective against heart disease
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Protective against weight gain and obesity

Because it rich in monounsaturated fats, it is a contributor to a healthy heart! Through the action of those monounsaturated fats, olive oil clears your arteries of some of the cholesterol that can block blood flow. This helps prevent strokes and keeps us all in peak shape when it comes to getting our blood pumping.

Olive oil is also an antioxidant powerhouse. Thanks to vitamins E and K, your immune system can benefit from adding extra virgin olive oil to your diet. Finally, olive oil has the added benefit of being protective against weight gain and obesity.

A Bit More About Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Sourced in the US by American growers and producers
  • Made by a family-run business, all experts in growing and harvesting olives
  • Sustainably sourced and produced
  • Always the highest quality, with nothing added
  • Cold pressed for maximum nutrient density
  • Full of the Vitamin E, antioxidants, and healthy fats mentioned above
  • Protected even better against the effects of light damage due to the large label!

The Dan Churchill
Color Code

  • Yellow foods are often protective for the heart,
    are rich in antioxidants, and help boost immunity.
  • Green foods are often great for boosting micronutrient levels,
    keeping your skin vibrant, and boosting immunity.

The Subscription Model

The nuts and bolts of your subscription model are as follows!

  • Answer our two questions below to find out what your ideal quantity of olive oil is.
  • Receive YOUR ideal amount of olive oil once or twice per month.
  • Receive 10 free recipes to get you started cooking sweet and savory recipes featuring olive oil.
  • Put your subscription on hold any time if you travel or need to up your amount.
  • Never shop for olive oil again!

You’re Two Questions Away From Your Perfect Bottle

Take note of your answers to the below:

  • 1: How often do you typically reach for olive oil in a given day?
  •    A. At 1-2 meals

       B. At 3 meals or more

  • 2: How large is your family?
  •    A. Just me

       B. Me and 1 other

       C. Me and 2-3 others

       D. Me and 4+ others

1A + 2A 1 bottle every 2 months
1A + 2B 1 bottle every month
1A + 2C 2 bottles every month
1A + 2D 2 bottles every month
1B + 2A 1 bottle every 2 months
1B + 2B 1 bottle every month
1B + 2C 2 bottles every month
1B + 2D 2 bottles every month

Why This is Ideal for You

  • No commitment. Change or cancel your subscription at any time, if you go on vacation or simply find you need less or more olive oil!
  • A simplified product. You know exactly what you’re getting and where it’s coming from. Nothing fancy or unnecessary!
  • Straight to your doorstep. No more shopping for heavy bottles or paying for crazy shipping costs.
  • Get more for your money. We know olive oil can be expensive. Our prices reflect what we’d want to pay for ourselves!
  • Quality product. Our extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed to lock in essential vitamins and healthy fats.
  • Added benefits. With your subscription, you have access to unique and never-before-seen recipes, as well as free access to our Olive Oil Ebook!