Its when your not at the gym/box/exercising that matters the most in achieving your goals…

Think about it when your generally sweating it is your time, you are generally in a state of focus and feel like you are working off that cookie from last night or about to earn your next big pizza night with the girl/guy friends…

Whether you have a trainer, are in a group or just do it on your own, it is the times away from these points of the week that you have to be a little more alert and self controlled about whats going on around you.


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One of the biggest values i stick by are ‘control the controllable’… For example if you have nothing planned for dinner you can create that meal or have the option of choosing something super colorful! However if you are invited around to someone’s house where they are cooking you dinner, you have no idea what you are going to be served… So when you can… always try to control the controllable…

When I was training clients I always said “i can look after you during your session, but i cant when your not around me…” which was 99% of the week… becoming empowered is a big step in achieving your goal… saying no to those sometimes foods when you have had them a little more often this week is tough but a big achievement.

Recovery is just as important if not more than the exercise itself… meaning you should be eating plenty of color around your sweat time. In the lead up to these periods I always say to have some form of energy around you… like stone piece of fruit (peach, nectarine, apricot) or berries…slow release energy these bad boys are…when you finish you should have something protein related for recovery and this applies to vegans too. A shake is always handy and you can get some pretty good quality natural proteins both in the form of Whey and Vegan.

Always have plenty of water throughout your week as this not only aids in recovery but all forms of cellular functioning… Exercises and Tasty Food Options below


This weeks Winning WOWs (Workouts of the Week)


-40m sprint, rest half the time, x 10

-60m sprint into 40m jog, x5

METCON: 12 Minute AMRAP As Many Reps As Possible

-5 Push ups

-8 Lunges

-10 burps

-200m Run

Resistance Training: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off x 10

-Air Squats

-Double Leg Bounds

-Mountain Climbers

-Jump Squats

This weeks I’m recommending these recipes of sunshine… may they serve you well and be sure to tag me in them @dan_churchill… loving all that color love #ColorAlwaysWins

xo DC

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Choc-tella Chia Bowl

Paleo Pesto Chicken Pasta

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