Setting the Ideal Fitness goal

True Motivation

Make sure you want it for the right reasons, you want to better yourself, education, learn a skill, achieve something. Anything that motives you from within is going to hold you in greater steed and keep you on track to achieving your goal

Realistic vs Unrealistic

Whatever goal you set, make sure it is something you can put your mind to in order to be achieved. At the same time who is to say what you can and cant achieve is realistic? That is only up to yourself.

Your Greatest Competitor

This should always be yourself. Competition between athletes is great, however when it all comes down to it you are always there to improve upon your own score/times/skill set. Recording your data definitely helps. Remember to never care what anyone else is doing, compete against yourself

Aim High

Dream big that way you are making greater efforts to climb that ongoing incline of a mountain… regardless where you end up. You will always be taking bigger strides and achieving greater accomplishments to get there.

Much love  my friends!

xo DC

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