Three Easy Ways to Cook Eggs!

I am beyond thrilled to share this one with you friends! I have gotten plenty of questions about getting back to basics after the spring holidays. What better time is there than now to perfect those simple recipes for the three easy ways to cook eggs? I put together not one or two but three super simple ways to make eggs so you can enjoy them at any meal of the day. And without any fuss! I always share with you any of that glorious yolk action over on Insta stories (@dan_churchill). My guess is you might just be able to whip up one of these today 😉

What makes eggs healthy?

I love sharing recipes that use eggs as the protein component because they’re a great complete protein source and usually well-tolerated by most! If they’re part of your diet, you probably already know that there are so many ways to use eggs. Hence why I wanted to show you these three easy ways to cook eggs. Recipes can include sweet (think my one-pan breakfast banana cake) to savory (my Frittata or Breakfast Tacos recipes are epic!) Eggs pack in plenty of protein (around 6 grams) for a low-carb option. These recipes for the three easiest ways to make eggs will be the perfect thing to add to your cooking rotation! Get ready for some major ooey gooey #Yolk action!

What makes eggs easy?

For one thing, eggs cook up in as little as 2 minutes! You can boil, fry, poach, steam, or even bake them! With just a few (completely optional) mix-ins, you have a next level option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They’re really the ultimate ingredient, as they’re so versatile. But making them properly does take a tiny bit of skill, and these recipes will show you how!

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Prep Time: zero!

Cook Time: 7-10 minutes

Cost: $4 each

Skill: Easy

Ingredients: (All Serve 2)

Creamy Cream-less Scrambled Eggs

4 Eggs, whisked

3 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Olive

Pinch of Salt & Pepper

Chili Sunny Side Up Eggs

3 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tsp Chili Flakes

2 Eggs

Poached Green Eggs

2 Eggs

2 Tbsp Vinegar

Dill Sauce (click here for the recipe!)


  • For the Scrambled Eggs: Add 2 Tbsp of oil to a medium- low heat frypan and pour in the eggs. Continue to whisk on the low heat allow mix to stay runny. Once it starts to thicken take off the heat and continue to whisk
    • Once thickened but still runny pour over remaining oil with a pinch of salt and pepper, turn out onto sourdough and top with chives and a side of grilled mushrooms
  • For the Sunny Side up Eggs: In a small put on low heat add the oil and chili flakes and bring to a slow simmer, before taking off the heat and allowing flavors to infuse for 5 minutes
    • Add 1 Tbsp of the Chili oil to a frypan on medium high heat and crack the eggs, leaving sunny side up until cooked, should be about 2 minutes. Turn onto a plate and top with remaining chili oil
  • For the Poached Egg: bring a medium pot water to a boil on high heat, add in the vinegar and turn heat to medium. Swirl the pot with a spoon in clockwise direction, before cracking an egg in carefully. Initially you want it to continue moving so that the white completely covers the yolk. Continue to stir carefully to crack the second egg in.
    • Cook for 3-4 minutes or until whites are cooked but centre is still squishy to touch. Remove and drain excess water off egg place in a bowl or on a toast. Combine all the dill sauce ingredients in a blender and blitz until smooth. Spoon on top.

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