Happy 2016 my friends!!! What kind of resolution did you wrap your head around? Did you not make one at all? The best thing is we can choose to do what we want, there are no rules or regulations (this means you even making a resolution) for us to uphold and as much as i always say we don’t need to have a significant day to make a change or set a goal (ie we can do that any time of the year)… people do tend to love the notion of commencing the year with an impact or at least one to strive towards…

This weeks and the first of the years #MondayMotivation is about a perception… one that sets the tone for the year, your day and your life… To be happy is something you can make the decision to be… whether it is based on the reaction to a situation, conversation or the way you view your day, it is something instilled within you that is YOUR choice… Yewwwww!!! Who is feeling inspired? (Insert #Tag here)

We have all heard the phrase “glass half full” as to look at a situation with positivity… When was the last time this situation challenged you? For example you find out the elevator to your 5th floor apartment is busted… how do you respond? Are you one to get frustrated and just put up with the fact you have only one other way to get to your door? Or do you see it as a way of getting extra exercise? (I think its safe to say the immediate reaction from everyone would get at least the eye roll haha)

Your happiness in your work life is a choice too… Work does have to take into account a bit of responsibility… But how often do you wake up being super unhappy and not motivated to go to work? I am not meaning you get up a little tired and lagging a bit of energy to get to the desk, as this can be a lot of us… I mean you fear the thought of having to do work, it makes you miserable being there… This is a choice, one we can make… Again it is not as easy as turning off the computer, zipping up the suitcase or never rocking up to the retail store again… but you can work towards something you truly love, something that makes you smile, and makes you very happy…


Today I was fortunate to go to the top of the One World Trade Centre in downtown Manhattan and see the inspiring, energetic and absolutely wide spread New York City. I mean look how happy i am hahahahahaha I am actually super scared of heights… but the buzzing energy of this city has me pumped for the year ahead, so much to do, and with that being said I had to do a #tag sign for #MondayMotivation… yeah there were some tourists wondering what i was doing 😉 … regardless happiness wins!

I am not here to challenge you or push you towards something you must do… I just want to remind you that your happiness is the key to your health and we might as well put a smile on our face every single day 😉

To a super happy year my legends!!! Many more adventures and secrets to be unveiled from my end… what is coming from yours?

xo DC

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