This is my first real summer in NYC… and its weekend efforts like these that get me super excited…

For all the surfing and running down to the beach i am missing, the activities and excitement available at your (apartment) door step are all about uncovering a whole new world of happiness… Have a look at the Vlog and you will see what I mean 😉

Feast Tribeca from Daniel Churchill on Vimeo.

Instead of the sand we have the parks… with no surfing there comes the ability to ride a bike around every nook and high st… although there are no backyards there are rooftops… So you can see I sound like an optimist… but there is so much in life to experience and this next stage of tastiness i am going to enjoy every single emotion of flavor….

Last weekend was the first of a number of feasts that I will be cooking up from different locations around the city… I am thinking i might start to theme these and I will bring some shots from some of the most unique hot spots…

The first was from an epic rooftop location in Tribeca which is downtown Manhattan… With a few awesome Vegans in the mix, the menu consisted of Gluten Free, Refine Sugar Free and then some Vegan options… i always love seeing the surprise on someones face when they are eating a Vegan dish with serious flavor… to be honest they all should as they are always super colorful! At the market i couldn’t go passed a sword fish nor a skirt and flank steak for those who did a mad chest workout or who struggled to walk up to the roof hahahah


All the dishes are super simple as always, meaning you can definitely smash them out! These weekends bring me nothing but happiness… have a look at the menu and let me know which recipe you are in the mood for… as the most popular (ones) will be posted on the blog next week 🙂


Charred Romaine lettuce wedges in almond butter sauce  and pine nuts (GF, SF, V,)

Wicked Carrot and chickpea spread on mint yoghurt and Pine nuts (GF, SF,)

Spiced Cauliflower & Roast Garlic Hummus (GF, SF, V)

Avocado Salsa (GF, SF, V)


Babin Middle Eastern Quinoa Platter (GF, SF, V,)


Skirt/Flank Steak (GF, SF,)


Swordfish lemon ginger skewers (GF, SF,)

The Sweet Stuff

Sexy Summer Fruit Board with Coconut Mango sauce (GF, SF, V,)

GF= Gluten Free, SF= Refine Sugar Free, V=Vegan


This weekend I am supporting my legendary friends in the LGBT community as it is “Pride Week!!!” The theme of that feast will be #ColorsOfTheRainbow… naturally this doesn’t stray too far from my existing cooking profile 😉 So ill bring you the menu, the hugs, laughter, smiles and of course the Yum next week

Looking forward to bringing you a whole lot of tastiness my friends! and looking forward to getting behind the LGBT community ewwwww!!!

xo DC

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