Do you know how simple it is to make your Curry? Well my friends here is one Easy Healthy Dinner Recipe Idea that you can get done in minutes without blowing your budget. Making your own Curry is that easy, and it can set you up for multiple meals throughout the week. Add this one to your weekly schedule.

Its Gluten Free and one of the mid week go to’s that make your life a whole lot easier. It can also be included for your meal prep schedule. Make it in bulk and then cook off your favorite protein! This recipe came about from Allen in Essex, wanting to know how to use Vermicelli rice noodles in a simple Asian healthy recipe. It does not get much easier than making the sauce and then adding everything in.

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Making the sauce alone is a great learning curve, as you realise how simple it is. Just sweat off some fundamental asian ingredients and a paste with coconut milk and done! From there you can either store it or make it again with ease and have it with a variety of dishes.

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Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Cost: Less than $10

Skill: Easy

Health Facts: Coconut milk offers us some of the best weight loss opportunities. It contains Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) which not only provide us with sustainable energy, but balance out our hormones for fat burning (oxidisation) They also ensure that fat gets utilized efficiently, so you use the fat tissue that you want to get rid of #Winning


Vermicelli Rice Noodles

2 Tbsp Cobram Estate Olive Oil

2 Garlic Cloves, finely chopped

1 Knob of Ginger, finely chopped/grated

3 Green Onions, sliced

1 Tbsp Curry Paste

1 8oz/240ml Can of Coconut Milk

1 Cup Vegetable Stock

1/2 handful of Fresh Cilantro

3 tsp Fish Sauce

Juice of half a Lemon

To Finish

Enoki Mushrooms

Bean sprouts


  1. Soak Noodles in cold water for a minimum 30 minutes
  2. Add Oil to a wok or frypan on medium-high heat and saute garlic & ginger for 2 minutes before adding in the green onions and cooking until golden (another 2 minutes)
  3. Stir in your paste and for 2-3 minutes or until fragrant then slowly pour in your nutty coconut milk and stir to combine
  4. Follow this with your stock, bring to a boil and turn heat to low to simmer for 5 minutes. Season with lemon juice, fish sauce and honey if it needs it.
  5. Drain noodles and add them the pan, cook for a further 3 minutes or until they are soft. Transfer to a bowl with mushrooms, been sprouts and fresh cilantro. It is that easy!

NB: You can add chicken, beef, shrimp or tofu. This is the foundation of a curry, you can then take it any direction you want!

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