In a world of new day health trends this week I read and observed plenty of content on this thing called Bamboo water… My initial interest was “Is this just the typical maturation of a younger sister to Coconut water?… Am i now going to see kale smoothies utilising bamboo goodness?” Well lets break down this natural flavour water for you to decide

What is it?

This fragrant water is produced by combining quality warm H20 (water for us non-chemistry counterparts) and a few drops of bamboo extract. The taste is known to be quite aromatic, somewhat described as floral, with that notion of sweetness you often get with Coconut water.

Where is it?

Its currently being bottled in the USA by Bamboo beverages at $2 per bottle. The producers claim the hype around the water is the initial phase of the Kale epidemic. The thought of kale has a connection with green, colourful goodness, so I guess what they mean is it has that essential association with health right?


Well firstly it is super sustainable for the environment as bamboo farmers usually throw away the leaves that harvest the stems that carry the extract. There are no official health benefits yet… so the assumptions are as such… Being a plant extract it is a given to produce anti-inflammatory properties, anti anxiety and tumour preventative parameters. The extract that is featured i the water is naturally high in flavonoids polyphenols which greatly support this hypothesis. Interesting to note bamboo has been used for Chinese medicinal purposes for years

What would I do?

Well i would begin with the obvious and taste the water itself on its own. I would combine it with the notables of smoothies etc. I would love to poach fruit with it to see how the aroma pairs… particularly in these summer times

So whats next Bamboo beer??? Oh it seems like that has already happened

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