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Adam Eskin – Building a Company Behind a Mission Driven Purpose, Dig Inn Seasonal Market

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Hey friends! Welcome back to The Epic Table Podcast! On today’s podcast we have Adam Eskin, the CEO and Founder of Dig Inn, a phenomenal fast-casual restaurant that is rolling out a mission driven purpose. You can find them all over the New York and the East Coast, and they’ve now gotten to the point where they have their own twelve acre organic farm in Chester, New York. Adam and I are also joined by Lary Tse (@thelarbear on IG), who is the Farm Manager at the Dig Inn farm, and together they brought over to the kitchen an EPIC harvest of some of their veggies and crop. You’ll learn today how Adam jumped ship from the finance game and built his purpose, his vision, and his long-standing focus on brand equity from what he truly believes in. All they while we cook up a bountiful roasted veggie situation with their own Dig Inn ingredients. To learn more about Dig Inn and what Adam and Lary are building, make sure you visit https://www.diginn.com/.