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What is functional training? Outline by Chris Hemsworth’s functional trainer Da Rulk

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Hey friends! In this weeks episode of the podcast we have the man behind functional training Da Rulk. His work can be seen with the military and first responders. He is also known to have worked with the likes of Chris Hemsworth. In todays episode we define what functional training is and why it is important to go through its natural progressions. Beginning with mobility over strength we talk through Da Rulk’s curriculum of functional training and how he uses it to work with first responders. Da Rulk’s method of functional training really draws back to the foundations of movement, through which the human body should be able to achieve. If you want more functional training advice, head over to Da Rulk’s instagram ( @Da_Rulk ) or his website ( https://darulk.com/ ).

Topics we cover

-What is functional training?

-Why the basics of functional training should not include training

-How we can all train like first responders

-The role functional training plays with mental health