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How Sleep can affect your Performance With Dr. Steven Lockley!

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Hey friends! We are continuing our popular topic of sleep and circadian rhythm, bringing Steve Lockley back on to discuss how sleep affects our performance. Steve is the expert in the field of circadian rhythm and I wanted him back on to outline the role it plays in how we can execute our daily activities. With our circadian rhythm having a direct impact on our sleep, in this episode we dive into how to keep your rhythm on track or adjust to suit another time zone. If you want to learn more about Dr. Lockley you can check out his app TimeShifter which ultimately tells you how to beat jet lag ( https://www.timeshifter.com/the-science-of-jet-lag ) or Instagram ( @TimeShifter https://www.instagram.com/timeshifter/ ).


Specifically in this episode we cover:

-How does sleep or circadian rhythm affect performance?

-Does our body’s core temp affect our performance?

-How to biohack our Circadian rhythm to improve our performance.

-How affects of traveling on our circadian rhythm.



TimeShifter – https://www.timeshifter.com/

Part one with Dr. Steven Lockley – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/what-is-circadian-rhythm-sleep-foundation-dr-steven/id1460410277?i=1000490572826


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