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Hey friends! Welcome back to this exciting episode of The Epic Table Podcast where today we have my good friend Adrian Grenier in the studio kitchen. Adrian is most notably known in the film and TV circuit, but what’s really cool is that he is now using his celebrity and profile for the greater good – he is fueling his passion to promote the awareness of the detriment that plastics are having on our world. We talk about the statistics on plastic and the effects it has on our day-to-day. We hear about Lonely Whale, Adrian’s company, and what they are doing in the sphere. He’ll also talk about the action steps we can all take in making this world a better place. And of course, we’ll be cooking up a dish close to Adrian’s heart – his own signature apple crumble with a DC twist! To learn more about Adrian and Lonely Whale hit him up on Instagram (@adriangrenier) and go to https://www.lonelywhale.org/ to learn more about what we can do to limit the use of plastic.