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Autumn Calabrese – Turning Failures as an Opportunity and Redirect


Team! Welcome back to another episode of the Epic table Podcast! Our guest today is Autumn Calabrese – she is a nationally recognized as a best selling author, her 21 Day Fix collaboration with the Beachbody fitness program, and works as a celebrity trainer. Autumn as a truly awesome story, she originally wanted to pursue dancing as a career, but due to health problems had to redirect her passion. She didn’t let that setback stop her hustle, which led Autumn to become a certified trainer. Today she provides tips and fresh ideas help improve the health & diets of her clients with a simple approach to portion control and mind over matter mentality. Together, we talk about her experience working as a celebrity trainer, family life and the importance of choosing a career path that you love so it isn’t work. All the while I cook up a beautiful summer salad situation that will for sure surprise you by how simple it is! To learn more about Autumn Calabrese and what she’s about check out her website (https://Autumncalabrese.com) or on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@Autumncalabrese)!