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Battling Cancer cells with Broccoli Sprouts: Doug Evans

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Team, we are back with another episode of The Epic Table podcast. Today, Doug Evans enlightens us all on the many benefits of sprouts! Did you know broccoli sprouts in particular contain the enzyme myrosinase and glucoraphanin which create the chemical compound called sulforaphane? Studies show that sulforaphane contains anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties great for your health! Doug then schools us on different methods you can use to create your own sprouting farms. If you want to learn more about the legendary powers of sprouts and what they can do for you, check out Doug’s Instagram ( @DougEvans https://www.instagram.com/dougevans/ ). You can also learn more from his book, The Sprout Book ( https://www.thesproutbook.com/ ).

Talking Points


What are sprouts? (6:40:00)

What are the health benefits of sulforaphane? ( 15:49:18)

Are broccoli sprouts the same as broccoli? ( 18:08:00)

The best way to sprout broccoli seeds (39:20:00)


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