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What is Circadian Rhythm? – Sleep Foundation Dr. Steven Lockley

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Welcome back to another installment of The Epic Table Podcast! Today we are joined by Dr. Steven Lockley, Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Neuroscientist in the Division of Sleep Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. We talk all about the Circadian Rhythm, a natural internal process that regulates our sleep and wake cycle, and what variables affect it (00;04;48;29). Dr. Lockley touches on how disrupted circadian rhythms in shift workers can be greatly detrimental for long term health (00;10;48;18). Dr. Lockley challenges those with the “sleep when you’re dead” mentality (00;21;33;06). We learn how to reset the circadian rhythm (00;29;36;11). Did you know deep sleep triggers the production of growth hormones especially during adolescence? Dr. Lockley gives us all the information we need on how to beat jet lag and what’s new in the world of sleep science! If you want to learn more about Dr. Lockley you can check out his app TimeShifter which ultimately tells you how to beat jet lag ( https://www.timeshifter.com/the-science-of-jet-lag ) or Instagram ( @https://www.instagram.com/timeshifter/ ).

Talking Points


What is the circadian rhythm? What affects the circadian rhythm?

How blindness affects circadian rhythm and how to remedy disrupted circadian rhythm.

Are melatonin supplements effective? Are melatonin supplements safe?

How to prepare for jet lag