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Daniel Geneen – What is Clickbait?


Hey Team! on Today’s Episode of the Epic Table podcast we have Daniel Geneen, Producer and Co-Host of Eater’s Digest Podcast! Today we chat all about how Daniel became a part of Eater and what his role is with the brand. We learn how he was able to apply his unique skills in the work environment. We also touch on the importance of “clickbait” titles for online content. As some of you know, Daniel is a part time comedian and a damn good one; this episode is nonstop banter, you guys will kick out of this one! We do this whilst cooking a lotus root curry situation which Daniel requested as a joke, but as a chef there is no challenge I cannot overcome!! If you want to learn more about Daniel and his podcast Eater’s Digest, you can follow him on Instagram ( @DanielGeneen ) Or check out the Podcast on all streaming platforms ( https://www.eater.com/eatersdigest ). Thanks Legends!