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Does your diet work best for you? – Adena Neglia

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Team, welcome back to another episode of the Epic Table podcast. Today we have Adena Neglia, Registered Dietician for the Brooklyn Nets! We talk about:

The Biggest Diet Myths

  • some of the latest health trends – which diet myths are true and which are complete myths
  • Adena gives us insight into a day in the life of a registered dietitian.

Do Diets Work?

  • Adena also touches on why 95% of diets fail.
  • If you want to learn more about Adena, you can check her out on Instagram ( @Adena_Neglia https://www.instagram.com/adena_neglia/?hl=en ) or her website ( https://nutritionbyadena.com/about/ ).

How Man Calories Do We Need Per Day?

  • What does proper caloric intake look like?
  • What caloric intake do I need if I’m working out?

Can Athletes Be Plant-Based?

Talking points:

  • Recovery Nutrition, choosing foods that sit well with Adena’s clients 00;38;45;27
  • Adena touches on Plant-based athletes. 00;48;46;02
  • How to determine if your diet works best for you. 00;57;29;06