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Dr, Jason Wersland – Perform better with one simple instrument!


Hey Team, Welcome back to another episode of the Epic Table Podcast! Today we have Dr. Jason Wersland, Chiropractor and Founder of Therabody ( previously known as Theragun ). Dr. Jason is somebody who is truly passionate about understanding helping others and it really shows in today’s episode. We chat all about the origin of Therabody and dive into the trials and tribulations of the first device. We also talk about what motivates Dr. Jason to do what he does best, provide people with the instruments needed for a speedy recovery. If you want to learn more about Dr. Jason and Therabody, you can check out the Therabody website ( https://www.theragun.com/ ) or on Instagram ( @Theragun ). Dr. Jason’s Instagram ( @ DrJasonWersland ).