Dr. Will Cole – 5 Ways to Combat Inflammation

Hey Team! Welcome back to another episode of The Epic Table podcast! Today we have Dr. Will Cole, one of the leading functional medicine practitioners nationwide. He is the author of Ketotarian, The (Mostly) Plant-Based Plan to Burn fat, Boost energy, Crush Your Cravings, and Calm Inflammation, along with his new book, The Inflammation Spectrum. In today’s episode, we chat all about chronic inflammation as it relates to neurodegenerative diseases. We dive into what causes inflammation and how to combat it. Will and I also touch on intermittent fasting and the consumption of gluten. If you want to learn more about Dr. Will Cole you can check out his website ( https://drwillcole.com/ ), Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/doctorwillcole/ ) Instagram ( @DrwillCole https://www.instagram.com/drwillcole/ ) and Twitter ( @DrwillCole https://twitter.com/drwillcole ).
The Inflammation Spectrum – https://drwillcole.com/the-inflammation-spectrum/

00;04;15;22 – What is chronic inflammation and how does it affect the body?

00;09;05;05 – Links between neurodegenerative diseases and inflammation

00;32;32;25 – Is intermittent fasting good for digestion?

00;42;15;00 – Am I consuming too much gluten?

Anti-Inflammatory Recipes
Healthy Whole Roasted Salmon – https://danchurchill.com/whole-roasted-salmon/
Immune Boosting Dairy free Golden Milk – https://danchurchill.com/dairy-free-turmeric-latte/
Vegetarian Curry – https://danchurchill.com/make-vegetarian-curry/
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Dr. Will Cole – 5 Ways to Combat Inflammation
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