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Dr. Will Cole – Benefits of a Keto Diet


Hey Team! Today on the Epic Table Podcast, we have Dr. Will Cole! Dr. Cole is one of the leading functional medicine practitioners nationwide. He is also the author of Ketotarian, The (Mostly) Plant-Based Plan to Burn fat, Boost energy, Crush your cravings, and Calm inflammation. We chat about all things Keto, Dr. Cole’s upbringing, his motivation for becoming a doctor and what it means to be Keto-Vegan versus keto vegetarian and much more. This was done whilst piecing together a baller keto-friendly spicy frittata straight from Dr. Cole’s cookbook. If you want to learn more about Dr. Will Cole you can check out his website (https://drwillcole.com) Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/drwillcole)or twitter (https://twitter.com/drwillcole). Thanks for tunning in legends!!