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How food and breathing can improve our brain health with Dr. Andrew Huberman

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We are back with another episode of The Epic Table podcast today, team. Dr. Andrew Huberman is back on the podcast schooling us on the brain and nervous system! We look at how the respiratory system affects the body and mind – with a focus on breathing. We also discuss physiological techniques that induce feelings of calm or stress. ( 00;09;28;19 ) Dr. Huberman also touches on how to utilize breathing techniques while conducting physical activities. ( 00;34;38;15 ) We chat about nutrition as it relates to neuromodulators, and how these can promote a happier and healthier life, and we talk more about what tyrosine is and how it plays a key role in dopamine production. ( 00;40;53;13 ) Did you know that positive anticipation can stimulate the production of dopamine? (00;54;33;03). Dr. Huberman also teaches us about acetylcholine which helps with things like neuroplasticity and focus. Lastly, we talk about gut health and the foods Dr. Huberman and his team believe best support it. ( 01;03;00;27 ) If you want to ask questions and learn more about Dr, Andrew Huberman’s research you can check him out on Instagram ( @Hubermanlab https://www.instagram.com/hubermanlab/ ).

Talking points

Breathing techniques that induce a calm state. What are the different types of breathing?

How does nutrition affect brain health? How can we increase cognitive function?

What is the role of acetylcholine? What foods contain acetylcholine?

Thanks Legends!

How to unlock your brain with Dr. Andrew Huberman – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mental-physical-training-to-be-chris-hemsworths-stuntman/id1460410277?i=1000483565054