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Fredrika Gullfot – Algae: Miracle plants


Hey Team! Today on the Epic table podcast we have Fredrika Gullfot, Founder and CEO of Simris, a brand that is focused on educating and combating overfishing with Algae farming! Algae contains several antioxidants and the ultra-beneficial omega-3 fatty acids! During this episode Fredrika schools us on Algae, we talk about her brand’s open door policy, and we chat about why she chose to study these miracle plants, all while cooking sensational carrot cake oatmeal. If you want to learn more about Fredrika and Simris, you can check out her website ( www.Simris.com ). Enjoy legends! If you would like to help the victims of the Australian bushfires, a couple organizations that are helping out are NSW Fire Brigade, Wires, Red Cross, koala hospital, World Wildlife fund, Victoria Fire DepartmentThanks legends!