Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Beyond Celebrity, Star of Modern Family & Founder of Tie The Knot

Hey team! Welcome back to The Epic Table Podcast, and I’ll be honest – I’m a bit star struck with this one. We’re joined today by the talented and hilarious Jesse Tyler Ferguson, probably best known for his role as Mitchell Pritchett on the sitcom Modern Family which earned him five consecutive Primetime Emmy Award nominations and four Screen Actors Guild Awards. If you haven’t watched it, do yourself a favor and go binge it on Hulu, just in time for it’s 11th and final season! Together we discuss his story and his role as a gay lead in the iconic show, how he has been using his celebrity to boost awareness of LGBTQ equality, AND I pick at the fact that he co-owns his own FOOD BLOG called Julie&Jesse with Julie Tanous. Jesse has been doing some incredible things, the one I want to highlight is Tie The Knot – a company he founded to to raise awareness and advocate on behalf of LGBTQ equality throughout the world in a very stylish way. All the while I cook up a simple eggplant situation with a beautifully tasty miso glaze. You can find Jesse on Instagram and Twitter (@jessetyler), follow up on his food blog at, and show some love and support for his organization Tie The Knot at

Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Beyond Celebrity, Star of Modern Family & Founder of Tie The Knot

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