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Kendrick Louis – Plan your work. work your plan.


Hey Team! On Today’s episode of the Epic Table Podcast, we have Kendrick Louis, Nutri-grain Ironman series champion and founder of Louis Media! It’s always great catching up with friends from the northern beaches! Whilst hanging, we chat all about Kendrick’s beginnings as a carpentry apprentice with his father and his journey through the ranks becoming Ironman champion. We talk Ky Hurst and how he really pushed Kendrick to perform at a high level. Ky Hurst is the legend we had on the podcast last year, also apart of the SailGP Australia team and dominated the Ironman series before Kendrick. We also touch on rigorous training, recovery and nutrition the sport demands. Kendrick really stresses the importance of planning ahead and putting those goals into play. If you want to learn more about Kendrick you can check him out on Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/kendrick.louis/?hl=en ) , Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/KendrickjLouis/) and twitter ( https://twitter.com/kendrickjlouis?lang=en ) . If you want to check out his brand –> Instagram https://www.instagram.com/louismedia/?hl=en Vimeo – https://vimeo.com/louismedia
Thanks Legends!
Ky Hurst Podcast – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ky-hurst-importance-of-recovery-for-the-body-and-mind/id1460410277?i=1000442811811
If you would like to help the victims of the Australian bushfires, a couple organizations that are helping out are
NSW Fire Brigade – https://quickweb.westpac.com.au/OnlinePaymentServlet?cd_community=NSWRFS&cd_currency=AUD&cd_supplier_business=DONATIONS&action=EnterDetails ,
Red Cross – https://www.redcross.org.au/campaigns/disaster-relief-and-recovery-donate#donate
Koala Hospital – https://shop.koalahospital.org.au/collections/donations/products/donation
World wildlife fund – https://donate.wwf.org.au/donate/koala-crisis/koala-crisis?t=AP1119W03#gs.wvjsub
The Victoria Fire Department – https://www.vic.gov.au/bushfireappeal

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