Kristina Karlsson – Dream, Do, Share

Team! On today’s episode of the podcast, we have Kristina Karlsson!! Kristina is the Founder and CEO of the legendary stationary Business, Kikki.K. Kikki.K can be found in 147 countries worldwide with 102 flagship stores, and is stocked with 250 + more retailers. Whilst munching on some beet cured salmon, we get to know all about Kristina’s upbringing in Sweden, and how she attained her work ethic. We learned about the origin of her brand and, We talk about the significance of asking ourselves those vital questions to help fulfill our dreams! If you want to learn more about Kristina and her brand Kikki.k, you can check out her instagram ( @KristinaKikkik ) or her website ( )Thanks Legends!!

Kristina Karlsson – Dream, Do, Share

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