Ky Hurst – Importance of Recovery for the Body and Mind

Hey Team! Welcome to another episode of the Epic Table Podcast. In this episode we’re joined by Australian Sail GP sailor Ky Hurst. Hurst has won 30 Australian surf titles, is in the surf life-saving hall of fame, is a multiple Ironman champion and a dual Olympian, having competed in the open water swimming at the 2008 and 2012 Games. In recent years he has transitioned to professional sailing, even competing for Oracle Team USA at the last America’s Cup and is now represents his nation in the sport of Sail GP. A big takeaway from this episode is how Hurst defines what an athlete is. Having done three different sports and three different modalities for over 23 years, he has a massive engine, and so he talks about how he builds that aerobic base and why we need to focus on recovery – not just for sport, but also for everyday life. In preparation for his upcoming Sail GP race in New York City, I also showcase how to build a protein-rich field-of-mushroom toast situation that is beautiful, delicious fuel for any athlete. You can learn more and follow Ky’s journey on his Instagram (@ku_hurst) and follow along with Sail GP Team Australia here: @sailgpaus, @sailgp,, FB: Australia SailGP Team, YouTube: Australia SailGP Team.

Ky Hurst – Importance of Recovery for the Body and Mind

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